Spices are your friends.

Spices add flavor to your food and reduce the need for extra salt, sugar and saturated fat. Spices are to a culinary artist what colors are to a painter - each creates a masterpiece with skill and creativity.

The soul of Indian cooking lies within the delicate art of using spices. It is not which spices you use, but how you use them that makes a huge difference. Once you have mastered this spice technique, you will be more confident to cook up your own personal style of Indian food and add zing to your everyday cooking.

I created this web site to demystify and simplify Indian cuisine, beyond curries. Indian cuisine does not demand any exclusive ingredients or sophisticated techniques and definitely not a curry powder.

I am not a professional chef, but love to experiment with food. I am passionate about cooking with spices. I learnt down-to-earth home cooking with my mother's guidance. Most home-style dishes are made with a minimum of fuss, very little oil, and a world away from commercial fare. Cooking home-style food is very simple, satisfying yet delicious .


In 1996, I ventured into hosting an Indian cooking show on a local channel. The goal of hosting Indian Vegetarian Gourmet was to create simple Indian food and Indian-spice-inspired food with ingredients available in the local grocery stores to suit the western kitchens and busy lifestyle.

While hosting the shows, I wear the traditional Indian garment, Saree, to showcase the vibrant colors and exotic designs of this unique garment of India.

I enjoy hosting my cooking show and creating new recipes. I created this site as my way of saying thank you for all the support and encouragement from my viewers.

As always, urging you to spice up your food and your life !