Saree - Garment of India

Two decades ago when I moved to America, I adapted to the western style of dressing. I loved wearing the traditional Indian costume Sari but it was not very practical to wear the sari everyday. Thus my sari wear was restricted to only Indian Parties.

When I decided to host the show "Indian Vegetarian Gourmet", I was keen to showcase the vibrant colors and exotic designs of this unique garment, Saree.
The audience was very curious about the saree and were interested in knowing more about it.

Thus I decided to host a saree show in Cupertino Library to educate the western cultrure about the history of saris, the unique regional varieties, the glamorous wedding sarees and the latest fashion trends in sarees. The saree show was a fun and educational program and was featured in 'San Jose Mercury News' and 'Cupertino Courier'.

For those of you interested in knowing more about the Saree, see the synopsis of the program "Oh SARI - what a wrap" I presented in Cupertino Library.