Indian Vegetarian Gourmet - Television Show

1996. That is the year when I packed off my youngest child to kindergarten. That year, my friend Karen and I met in a coffee shop. I was talking about returning back to my accounting career or maybe try something different. Karen mused, "Why not have a cooking show of your own? You are passionate about cooking and there is no Indian cooking show on television… so think about it". I laughed and said, "Yes I do love to cook, but I have never been in front of a camera nor do I know anything about TV production". We left it at that.

That evening I mentioned the 'Cooking-show-conversation' to my husband. His instant response was "Why not try it out… if you do not like it, you do not have to continue. Try it out first and then decide"

I approached the local community channel in De Anza College and convinced them to tape a cooking show. Thus was born the 'Indian Vegetarian Gourmet' television show. The Community channel at De Anza college had a variety of programs but did not have a single cooking show. My first cooking show was a challenge for me as well as the TV crew. We were taping a cooking show for the first time. That first show was anything but perfect ! In 2002, the community channel was transfered to KMVT 15 in Mountain View. Since then, all post production work has been done in their studio.

We learnt a lot from that first episode. We knew the areas to improve and were confident the second show would be definitely better than the first. Thus began my journey of producing and hosting a cooking show.

Over the years, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet has won several National and Local awards and the quest for improving each show goes on.

Indian vegetarian gourmet can be watched on KMVT 15 in different cities as follows:

Cupertino and Los Altos:

Mondays 7:30 pm

Wednesdays 9:30 pm

Saturday 7:30 pm

Mountain View:

Wednesdays 9:30

Saturday 7:30


Some of the episodes can also be seen on YouTube®:

Stuffed Tomato

Tofu Cutlet

Tofu kabobs

Spinach Tikka

Tofu pudding



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