Some terms - well known? May be, may be not ...

  Raita   Yogurt-based salad
  Kadhai   Indian-style Wok
  Puri   Deep fried bread
  Chapati   Indian bread, used in daily meals
  Pannah   Raw mango drink
  Mung beans   Yellow or green color beans
  Saffron threads   Fragrant, expensive, spice
  Dal   Indian term for beans or lentils
  Tarka   Spice-infused oil
  Chutney   Spicy relish
  Massala   Spice blend
  Rasam   Spicy broth, popular in southern India
  Rasam Powder   Spice blend to make Rasam
  Samosa   Deep fried savory, made with meat or potatoes
  Pakoda   Vegetable based fritter
  Maharashtra   Western state in India
  Namkeen   Savory dish
  Chickpea   Also called Garbanzo beans, ceci beans or kabuli-chana
  Idli   Rice and bean dumpling
  Sambhar   Vegetable and bean stew
  Ghee   Clarified butter
  Khichadi   Rice and yellow mung bean porridge